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Brokers want the same thing we do: to give clients the best coverage so their sport, event or athletic association can run safely and without worry. That's why we created
After decades in general insurance, we founded, today's world leader in consumer sports insurance. Recognizing the need for a broker-focused site, we've launched a site specifically for that group - one that allows insurance professionals to tap into our expertise in Sport, Special Event, Prize Contingency and Professional Liability. Brokers can now receive immediate quotes, issue policies and print certificates for their clients. All online, all in minutes.
With first-hand experience in managing complex sporting events and extreme sports, we take extra steps to limit risk, offer solutions and tailor policies to better protect clients. Devoted staff are on call day and night; and by working with top-rated A.M. Best insurers like One Beacon, Mitsui, Berkley and AIG, brokers can have the same peace of mind as their clients.
Simple, fast and professional. That's the philosophy.